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This information about Cookies covers the websites (hereinafter «our websites»):

This cookie policy (hereinafter, «Cookies Policy») is intended to inform you about the use of cookies by our websites mentioned at the beginning of this document.

On our websites we do not use our own cookies, instead we use third-party cookies. These third-party cookies are only used anonymously to provide the advertising content that we think is most interesting for our visitors. When you accept our cookies policy we understand that you agree to this anonymous use of your browsing data.

We recommend reading this document to obtain detailed information about the use of cookies on our websites.


When you access our websites, we ask you to give us your consent to do so. Please note that none of the cookies that are installed are necessary for the operation of our websites. You can withdraw your consent to the use of this technology through the functions of your browser, deactivating cookies or blocking the possibility of them being downloaded to your computer or device. See the last section of this document for more information.


The following types of cookies are used by the Leisure Guide through the website:

Analysis Cookies: they allow to obtain information oriented to the statistical analysis of the use that Internet users make of the page. Thus, they allow to know what search terms the users used to reach the page.
Advertising Cookies: serve to manage the advertising spaces on the page so that each user is offered advertising content in accordance with the content of each page and the frequency of advertisements.


At any time you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies by deactivating or blocking your download through the functions of your browser.

Consult the help function of your browser to obtain information to block and / or delete the cookies that our webs install on your computer.